Dr. Ben Arcand is a mechanical engineer and product innovator with over 15 years of experience in the medical devices industry. Named one of Minnesota's top inventors by Twin Cities Business Magazine, Dr. Arcand has contributed to close to 60 published patent applications and currently holds 22 medical device patents. His product development interests range over a variety of clinical areas and he has been passionate in understanding and promoting creativity and innovation methods through his industry work and his former role as Director of the Innovation Fellows Program at the University of Minnesota's Medical Devices Center. Dr. Arcand began his career in medical device innovation through his Ph.D. research at Michigan Technological University which focused on the development of novel fluidic microactuators to deliver high-density silicon electrode arrays for cochlear implants. After receiving his doctorate in mechanical engineering, Dr. Arcand joined Boston Scientific's Advanced Process Technologies (APT) group to develop new technologies that would enable the next generation of cardiac stents and delivery systems including designs that incorporated features such as elecotrospun biodegradable nanofibers and methods for coating and delivering biodegradable drug delivery platforms for stents. Dr. Arcand was quickly recognized on as an innovative leader with the company and as one of the largest contributors to intellectual property disclosures across the company.

In 2010, Dr Arcand joined American Medical System's Women's Health R&D Group to develop new products. He helped establish a new innovation process at the company called Targeted Innovation and worked directly with physicians to develop several product platforms for incontinence, prolapse and colorectal disorders. Dr. Arcand was recognized with AMS's Innovation Award for the development of a new device platform technology and material to address problems of erosion and pain associated with pelvic meshes and tissue anchors.

After leaving AMS, Dr. Arcand worked as an independent engineering consultant and Chief Medical Innovations Engineer at Kablooe Design until he was asked to return to the University of Minnesota to direct the Innovation Fellows Program. Currently he's stepped down as director in order to focus on ArteMedics, LLC and to develop and commercialize medical device solutions for veterinary medicine.

He’s always had a love of animals, especially dogs, and is looking forward to applying the skills he’s learned in developing human devices to help heal pets. He currently lives in Minneapolis and enjoys long walks and playing disc with his recently adopted border collie & cattle dog, Sassafras (Sassy).