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Collafyl Bulking Agent

Collagen bulking agent that gels at neutral pH in vivo.  This product is a simple and effective solution to treat canine incontinence. Collagen can also be used to provide a mechanical tissue regeneration scaffold in trauma cases in different tissue planes. Collafyl may be used to fill in voids after dental procedures as a dental gum filler and can be injected post-surgically to promote healing.

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ArteMedics has developed a biocompatible, biostable soft tissue filler that it believes will address the durability issues observed with current products used for non-surgical Stress urinary incontinence repair.  


Urinary incontinence affects approximately 20% of all neutered female dogs, and is predominantly due to urethral sphincter failure. Traditional therapy includes α-agonist drugs, estrogen compounds, or surgical procedures that improve intrabdominal pressure transmission to the proximal urethra (such as synthetic polymer slings). For patients that fail medical or surgical intervention, there are no effective alternative treatments. 


Collafyl can be injected after performing a complete evaluation of the lower urinary and reproductive structures to rule out anatomic causes. A cystoscope will be placed within the proximal urethra to visualize the vesicourethral junction. The recommended site for collagen injection is approximately 1-1.5  cm caudal to the vesicourethral junction. The tip of the needle will be placed immediately below the urethral mucosa into the submucosal layer. The Collafyl is injected at three to four sites in a circle. The amount of collagen injected at each site is determined visually.  The procedure is considered complete when the injection sites appose one another, achieving visual obstruction of the urethral lumen.