Artemedics, llc

Founded in 2015

2400 2nd Street N. Suite 205
Minneapolis, MN, 55411



We all love our pets, whether they are hamsters, cats, dogs or horses. Our companion animals bring happiness, relaxation, and comfort into our lives and we tend to treat them like family. ArteMedics is a company that was started on the principle of offering new, affordable medical devices and treatments for animals for which there are currently limited or non-existent solutions. We believe in manufacturing devices that are well-known and commonly used in the human medical field, but specifically designed for our pets with the same level of rigor, safety, and quality.



Benjamin Arcand, PhD — Principal Engineer/Co-Founder

Emily Meyering, M.S. — Principal Chemist/Co-Founder


Our Story

ArteMedics is an animal health company dedicated to supporting pet owners and veterinarians. Our company's name, ArteMedics, originates from Artemis, the Greek goddess of the wilderness and wild animals. In 2015, we began delivering quality medical devices and custom implant services. We diligently stay up-to-date on trends in the veterinary and human medical device fields so that we can offer the latest and most effective treatments for companion animals. 

The founders, Ben Arcand and Emily Meyering, worked together at a medical device company for several years. They commonly shared stories about their pets over local craft beers and contemplated their venture into veterinary medical devices. With Emily's experience directing preclinical studies, Ben's engineering expertise, and the help of close friends for intellectual property and agreement legal expertise, it was obvious that the right chemistry was in place. The team met with veterinarians and veterinary surgeons across the country to learn about the market and some of the challenges vets commonly encounter when trying to treat pets in need of complex therapies. 


To create medical implants for animals with exceptional quality and efficacy while bringing new procedures and technologies to veterinary medicine around the world.


To offer more treatments for animals that improve their quality of life with tools and procedures that are simpler and more cost-effective than currently available options. After evaluating safety and efficacy of our innovative products in animals, these technologies may then be out-licensed for use in humans with the appropriate strategic partner.